Plus Size Taobao

Anonymous: ummm wrap crop tops or anything really japanese street fashion style this is all i could find and I honestly don’t even know if this is what you meant by wrap crop tops

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milkymilkylove: hellooooo i love your blog but ive never requested im just happy to see the tasteful stuff you upload !!! although i am looking for sheer or chiffon maxi skirts but im like an american xxl and im really tall 178cm u.u so im not sure anything like that even exists on taobao but a side from that thanks so much for keeping this blog going!!!!

I honestly don’t know/think you’d be able to find stuff that’s plus size AND meant for tall people. I’m v sorry babe ;3;

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notfeelinu: Hi, I'm interested in buying things from miss.38, however I am english and need help on getting these items. Do you sell these clothes, or are you able to help me in anyway? Thank you for readinG!!

check my FAQ and google things like “how to order from taobao”

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