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Just a heads up. I will be away for the next week or so without internet so your questions will go unanswered for that time being. Feel free to send them in but don’t expect a response for about a week!!

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analiese-briar: I wanted to let you know, That you probably shouldn't post custom size items anymore. I tried to get two dresses that were custom size, And they told me i'm too big and that they wouldn't do it. From now on i think you should just post things that have a size guide. I just thought i should let you know of my experience...

I’m sorry that happened to you but a lot of the ones I post do make it in larger sizes. I’m not gonna stop posting them because it’s a god send most of the time. If you have a doubt ask your SS to ask the shop if they’ll make custom size in your size

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109.00 Yuan (17.50 USD)
S - 7L
bitterfragile: I'm looking for leggings and jeggings (those fake jean-looking leggings) but only been able to find them, especially the latter, in smaller sizes. If you're able, might you be able to look for some?

did you select the plus size section under the women’s category?? 

heres the link to jeggings/stretchy jeans

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129.00 Yuan (20.80 USD)
S - 7L
79.00 Yuan (12.70 USD)
S - 5L
49.00 - 65.00 Yuan (7.90 - 10.40 USD)
XS - 4L

im 2 lazy to screen grab a picture but here are pastel jeggings

XS - 4L

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missmunchkinz replied to your post: what should i search for

fake thigh highs in various colors or styles?

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what should i search for

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