Plus Size Taobao

109.00 Yuan (17.50 USD)
S - 7L
bitterfragile: I'm looking for leggings and jeggings (those fake jean-looking leggings) but only been able to find them, especially the latter, in smaller sizes. If you're able, might you be able to look for some?

did you select the plus size section under the women’s category?? 

heres the link to jeggings/stretchy jeans

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129.00 Yuan (20.80 USD)
S - 7L
79.00 Yuan (12.70 USD)
S - 5L
49.00 - 65.00 Yuan (7.90 - 10.40 USD)
XS - 4L

im 2 lazy to screen grab a picture but here are pastel jeggings

XS - 4L

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missmunchkinz replied to your post: what should i search for

fake thigh highs in various colors or styles?

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what should i search for

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analiese-briar: I was wanting more Lolita type blouses! It's hard for me to find them in my size because I have such a large bust. Thanks again! I went through your tag for the suspender skirts and found a few things I like. Thanks again!!

ok here are some links of things I have found that should be helpful to you. Here are the blouses I have posted myself 

x x x x x x x (one of those links is for a shop called boguta. that is a good store but if you find anything you like just search the store for more options)

this is the search term for lolita shirts: lolita衬衫

Lots of lolita shops that just do basic blouses/copies of blouses will do custom sizing so just search around and find things that work for you

This is the search term for custom lolita : lolita定制

but that pulls up a lot of dresses but just in case you wanted to see!!! 

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fuckedison: hi, love this blog and all the resources you've complied :) If it's not too much trouble, could you maybe tag your text posts/responses to people with some general-purpose thing that people can blacklist? Again, I really appreciate the blog, but I'm starting to get sick of all the bickering on my dash (as I'm sure you are too).

i usually tag them as asks but sometimes im lazy and dont want the annoying ones in that tag. half the time i answer things on mobile too so idk

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